Ten Common Mistakes in Web Promotion

Getting a website developed and launched is just half the work done. The major challenge is to make the site accessible and visible to your target audience. A website owner may have to undertake search engine optimization in order to do this. But often, website owners and webmasters make small mistakes, which may hinder their website’s chances of been popular.

Here is a small list of top most common SEO mistakes:

1. Over use of JavaScript: JavaScript menus and too much Java script can actually make it difficult for search engine crawlers from spidering your website and gleaning information from your website. This information is very vital since this is used in search engines’ algorithm for ranking a website in their results. Similarly, over use of flash, images and frames can mar your site’s prospects.

2. Neglecting linking to related content on other websites: Internet is a huge community and if you link to somebody else’s website for relevant article and information, it may turn out to be useful and fruitful association in future. This also makes your own site a much better resource in a reader’s viewpoint.

3. Brazen Promotion: On your face tactics on forums, website or blog can put off people. Target your audience subtly and respect the rules and etiquettes of the blogs, forums used.

4. Use of irrelevant keywords: Proper keyword selection may be the difference between a hit or flop site. If you are targeting wrong keywords then you may get wrong audience. That will mean no sales and money down the drain.

5. Use of ultra competitive keywords: Also, targeting most competitive keywords means that you are vying for the same audience as other established sites are already doing. It can get very difficult to attain rankings for them and hence a long wait for proper results. a Blog.

6. Over reliance on traditional methods: Traditional SEO methods cannot be the only activities. New age methods like social media, micro blogging are increasingly becoming important factor in website promotion.

7. Incorrect use of Social Media: Many times, website owners incorrectly using social media to promote your site. The key behind using social networking sites and micro blogging sites like Facebook and Twitter is to effectively disseminate information of your website and build relationships with like minded people and communities. Indiscriminate tactics and information overload can scare off people.

8. Uninteresting/Irrelevant Content: A website with irrelevant content or information which doesn’t catch a reader’s attention won’t get too many repeat visitors.

9. Irritating Pop-ups: Pop ups which spring up every now and then and refuse to go are particularly irritating and can turn visitors away from website.

10. Overactive promotion: Activities like hyper active link building or keyword spamming can setoff a search engine’s alarm bells. Backlinks should be built naturally and over a period of time.

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Author: Donna Nocero

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Services Offered By Computer Repair Service Providers

At times we find ourselves at our wit’s end and among these times the most troublesome time is when we find our computer suffering from an ailment. No matter, if it is a minor one or a really big one, we find ourselves calling up different computer repair companies to get to know what types of services they offer. This last minute hassle not only is agitating but can put our job at stake since it is time consuming as well.

Computer has become rather an essential part of our lives in this century. Now you would hardly find any institution without having computers, which usually are helping them in different matters. Whether you want to obtain information on virtually anything in the world or you are planning to start up a business or you want to stay in touch with your loved ones, you will definitely be relying on these computers. So, with such an immense dependence on these computers, no wonder we find people feeling terrible on a computer crash. However, things can go even worse if you are unable to find a good computer repair company in your locality.

So, at that crucial time you either start searching on the internet about different repair companies in your area or try calling them up. This eventually not only is hectic but also wastes a lot of your time so it is always better to have some information beforehand about the repair companies in your locality. If you are in living Scottsdale, you can relax a little since not only you will find a lot of Scottsdale (AZ) computer repair companies around you but we are also going to help you a little about the different services being offered by various Scottsdale (AZ) computer repair service providers.

The usual services repair companies in Scottsdale provide are; virus removal and protection, spyware removal and protection, data recovery and data backup, upgrading services of both the hardware and software, computer maintenance, wireless networking, web hosting and designing and a lot more. Moreover, many of these companies offer online computer services as well. So, those of you who prefer to get your computer repaired this way, you need to search exactly which computer repair company is offering this service in Scottsdale Arizona.

Different companies charge different prices for various computer repair services. If the damage is not really severe, they might charge you a nominal sum of money while if it is a terrible computer crash or your computer has sustained hardware damages, you may be charged a little extra. Moreover, there are many companies in Scottsdale which can repair your computer on urgent basis that is within few hours, which of course will cost you a few extra bucks but will be affordable. So, we hope you must have got an idea of what types of services these repair companies usually offer. Now you need to decide which company’s services meets your requirements and also fits in your budget. However, make sure the company you give your PCs and laptops to offers a good 24/7 customer service, otherwise you will end up paying regular visits to them.

If you are tired of finding a good Scottsdale computer repair [http://scottsdale.computerrepairdirectory.com/] service provider, check out the best services of Scottsdale computer repair [http://scottsdale.computerrepairdirectory.com/].

Factoring – Alternative Financing For Medical Transcription Services

When an Arizona medical transcription service owner (MTSO) signed three new clients, things got a little hectic at the office. She was ecstatic about the new business and the growth opportunities it provided, but in order to meet these new demands, she would have to increase the size of her dictation system, have interfaces built, and recruit, hire and train new employees. She was going to incur meaningful start-up costs and her on-going expenses (mainly payroll and taxes) were going to increase tremendously. Meanwhile, it would be many weeks before her new clients would pay her for her work.

The president was now faced with a dilemma, despite her anticipated business growth. Instead of immediately launching into her new contracts, she would first need to spend the next couple of weeks looking for capital. This way she would be completely prepared to meet the demands of her new clients. Having already exhausted her ability to borrow from the bank, she instead went to a medical transcription accounts receivable factor for the money she desired. With the ability to use the receivables from her new clients as collateral, she would be able to quickly secure the cash needed to meet the expectations of these new clients.

But what exactly can a factoring company do for a medical transcription service? And how common, and more importantly, how wise is it to do business with this kind of finance provider?

The business of factoring has literally existed for thousands of years. Whenever someone owed money, there has always been an outside party willing to take a piece of the future income in exchange for providing the instant cash relief to the owed party. The most recognizable modern example of factoring is the credit card. In this case, the host bank pays a merchant immediately, before its customer pays the bill. The bank takes a percentage of the customer’s payments in return for the advancement of funds.

Factoring works similarly to the use of the credit card. The factor provides capital in one of two ways: either by purchasing the asset value of a receivable (non-recourse) or by making a loan with the invoices as collateral (full-recourse). In the case of medical transcription funding, the factoring company buys the value of the receivables and takes the credit risk that the invoice will be paid. The client still retains the performance warranty on the work done for a customer. Before the factor decides to purchase the accounts receivable, the factor performs a thorough credit check on the customer. If a factor makes a loan against an invoice, which usually occurs when the customer credit is not favorable, its client will continue to assume their credit risk, and will also be liable for any non-payments.

When a prospect applies for a loan from a bank without having an adequate credit record or a profitable business history, it is not uncommon for the bank to recommend a factor since the prospect is not in the position to pursue conventional financing. The factoring firm can help provide the financial discipline that a prospect needs as well as the opportunity to secure short-term working capital. Banks often see factoring as an interim solution to inadequate credit, until the client is in a better position to secure a bank loan.

A good factor wants to see its client eventually move to a conventional banking relationship and avoids companies that would depend on them forever. Any company that cannot establish an exemplary credit history can eventually become a bad risk for any financial partner. Factors are as unlikely as any financial institution to invest money, and even time, into a risky company.

There is often a misconception that the only time to use a medical transcription funding option is when the company is going out of business, when, in fact, the complete opposite is true. Factors will research a prospect thoroughly before deciding to accept them or not. Since the factor will operate as a de facto partner or investor by assuming the risk of the company’s receivables, it is in the interest of the factor to take on clients that are growing, solvent, and ambitious. A factoring company’s ideal partnership would be with a new or reorganized company looking at a bright future ahead of them. Factors want to work with companies that are in the growth mode.

Until recently, working with a factor was thought to be a sign that the company was hitting rock-bottom due to financial troubles and viewed as the last line in a shaky financial defense for a business. This perception of factoring persisted largely because of the unregulated status of the factoring industry. Now, factors are shaking off that bad reputation because the shady players are being sorted out through a combination of competition and sound operating procedures. Factors watch each other closely and constantly interact, often providing assistance to one another as banks do, which in turn means better service to their clients.

Although account receivable factoring companies take on businesses that are unable to turn to banks, they will not take on every single company that asks for assistance. In order to establish the most effective business relationship with their clients, factors become experts in their clients’ business and industry, for example dealing with only medical or only construction receivables.

It is vital that you work with a medical transcription factoring company that has a thorough understanding of you and your business plan. Since most factors are picky about their clientele a smart MTSO should be wary of any factor that gives the impression that they are willing to do business with just about everyone.

It is rather rare to find two different factoring companies that operate exactly alike. Each factor has its own methods for running the business, sorting out credit issues, notifying a client’s customers, and verifying that the invoices are real and collectable. Generally, the factor discounts the full face value of an invoice by a certain percentage. Rates are most times determined by the risk and the volume of the invoices. Low volume, measured in dollars per month financed, is usually more expensive. If a client guarantees that it will need factoring for a specific amount of time or money, the rate can also be lowered for the client. Some factors may provide annual APR rates, which are tied to the amount of financing outstanding, while other factors will simply discount invoiced amounts.

There are definitely unique benefits to medical transcription factoring, and even the hardcore skeptics will admit to the benefits. The first of which is equity, which remains unchanged on the company balance sheet even when deals with a factor are struck. As opposed to a conventional bank loan or credit line, the factoring relationship does not appear as a liability on the business’ books. Also with a factoring company, it only takes a few days from the time your start the application process to the time you receive capital. For companies battling a cash flow crunch (such as a growing medical transcription service), the immediacy of potential capital is often the dealmaker. High-growth companies benefit from the factor’s flexibility. Rather than operating with a fixed line of credit, a factoring firm’s credit line can be expected to grow as their clients’ billings increase.

The World Wide Web makes it even more convenient for factoring companies to effectively provide account information to their clients. Some factors offer online services that enable their clients to view their key factoring reports over the Internet. With the use of this service, clients are able to check the status of their accounts at any time from any computer that has Internet access. This makes it easier for clients to keep a detailed tracking of their accounts receivable, giving them the freedom to focus their attention on growing their businesses.

Factors that offer an online service must ensure that the factoring reports can only be accessed with the highest level of security, manageability, and privacy for their clients. Factoring companies must also update client reports on a regular basis so that clients are able to view their most recent account data. The online reporting can help factoring companies serve their clients more efficiently by making their financial information conveniently available on a daily basis. This quick and easy access to factoring reports can help answer any questions that clients may have about their accounts receivables.

Just like the MTSO in this article, when an established company experiences cash flow problems due to some new, large accounts, medical transcription accounts receivable factoring can be the best solution to solve their problems. Rather than going through a total re-application of its bank line, the company can use a factor for short-term working capital until the new accounts become self-financing. The company may be surprised at how quick and painless the whole process can be by using a factor.

The flexibility that a factor can offer is one of the highest regarded aspects of the factoring business. Compared with the usually rigid practices of both your neighborhood and downtown bank, a factor can be just the fresh opportunity a medical transcription business needs to boom.

In Arizona Travelers Find Solitude and Connectedness With Satellite Internet

There are many unique places in the continental US to visit or vacation. The American landscape is vast and varied. From the Redwood Forests and Pacific Coastline, to the historical North and Southeast of the country. Each place has a lot of unique attractions to offer, whether it is physical and natural beauty, a rich historical and cultural identity, or exciting adventure tourism attractions. Arguably one of the most unique places in the country, however, is the American Southwest. This part of the country has it all; from the awe inspiring Grand Canyon, to the rich and deep colors of the hills and desert in the setting sun, to the bustling cities in Arizona and New Mexico, to the delicious and spicy foods.

If you haven’t been already, the Southwest is a great place to go for an all-American vacation. Arizona particularly has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty, while still offering the accessibility and amenities of most big cities in the US. Arizona has recently taken steps to ensure that there is satellite internet access throughout the state. From the desert canyons and Sedona hills to the bustling cities of Flagstaff and Phoenix, Arizona gets fast and reliable internet access. This is possible because of the integration of satellite internet that allows people to connect to the web via satellite signal. This is great for a state like Arizona that has a lot of open space with many smaller towns spread throughout. Satellite internet doesn’t require cables to be grounded for hundreds of miles to reach small towns, you just need a service and a dish. With this advance in connectivity, Arizona is becoming a major tourist attraction.

Aside from the technological advances of satellite internet that make the state an all-around more accessible and connected place for residents and travelers alike, Arizona has something for everyone in terms of travel. Depending upon your interests here are a few travel ideas for how to really enjoy Arizona and the American Southwest.

Visit the Grand Canyon and the Sedona hills. This part of the state is perhaps the most breathtaking and otherworldly. The rich colors of the soil and stone formations mirrored in the setting sun are like no other sight. You can take private group tours to the canyon with the whole family, or if you’re more adventurous you can get a national parks pass and camp in it. The Sedona hills are great to do with a one day car rental or a day tour with a guide. Be sure to pack a picnic or a bottle of wine to toast the sunset.

Go stargazing. The view from an Arizona night sky is unbeatable. Because of the arid climate the nights are often cloudless. As a result also of the well preserved natural beauty, if you can get away from the light pollution of Phoenix the sky will be filled with thousands of stars you never even knew were there. It’s a great idea for a family outing or a romantic drive.

Go golfing. The areas outside of Phoenix as well as Flagstaff offer some of the country’s most premiere golfing resorts. The winds are low, the days are sunny and dry, which make for perfect golfing weather all year round. There have been many new courses popping up around the cities that provide a great escape for the golfing enthusiast, with well manicured greens and attentive staffers.

These are just a few ways to enjoy Arizona at its best. It is a unique place in the US because it boasts some beautiful and well preserved natural sights that can make you feel like you have the whole world to yourself. Juxtaposed with this seeming isolation is the fact that you can be here among the endless deserts and canyons and still be able to get access to the rest of the world via satellite internet. It is a place where you can really have it all, solitude and connectedness.

Arizona Nursing Jobs

Nursing is a rewarding occupation and there is always a dearth of proficient workers. In the United States, nursing is considered one of the largest health care professions. The demand for nurses has been steadily increasing and almost each state offers, numerous nursing jobs in various specialized fields. The state of Arizona provides a number of opportunities to fresh as well as experienced nurses in the healthcare industry.

Arizona Children’s Health Care Corporation is the primary provider of specialized services for chronically ill infants, children and young adults in Arizona. Their mission is to enrich their lives by providing high quality care and an individualized treatment. They work with the support of licensed Respiratory Therapist with pediatric experience. This corporation provides ample opportunities to nurses specialized in pediatric care.

Arizona has a number of leading healthcare staffing services that provide people opportunities to work in some of most prestigious healthcare facilities as a travel nurse, rehabilitation specialist, clinical coordinator and detention nurse practitioners.

There are family care centers in different areas of Arizona that require nurses to take care of the people. The Behavioral Health Organizations serve adults living with the disability of serious mental illness. They often require Rehabilitation Specialists to provides rehabilitation activities and support to the patients. They also have to conduct assessments and create the initial treatment plan or assist with caseload activity.

There are Healthcare positions of Materials Manager and Director of Nursing in different locations of AZ. The job involves directing the daily activities of the clinical staff and preparing staff schedules. The other feature of the job is to maintain appropriate inventory levels, of materials that are required to meet surgical and procedural schedules.

There are many medical employment services that provide suitable nursing job opportunities in Arizona. There are also many Web sites that list a number of nursing jobs in Arizona.

Nursing Jobs [http://www.e-nursingjobs.com] provides detailed information on Nursing Jobs, Types Of Nursing Jobs, Home Nursing Jobs, International Nursing Jobs and more. Nursing Jobs is affiliated with Travel Nurse Companies [http://www.e-TravelNurses.com].

Emergency Services Access to Your Aging Parent

I am sure this might not be meaningful to everyone, but to those of us who have an aging parent living with them it can provide a great deal of comfort. Well… maybe not comfort, but it will put your mind at ease for short periods of time.

Here is the scenario. My 88 year old mother in law lives with us. She is in remarkable shape… for 88. She has her own room with a recliner chair and a large screen TV. She has been taking the same meds for over 50 years, has a pacemaker and sometimes annoying COPD. Her only exercise is down the hall to the bathroom and getting her coffee and breakfast in the morning. Other then that she sits most of the day watching TV, playing solitaire or crocheting. Her eyesight, hearing and balance are deteriorating but what do you expect for being 88.

However it is the balance issue that concerns me the most. I am home a lot because many of my marketing duties for our home care franchise are handled from my home office, I am also partner with my son in a web design, video production business (SixVine Media) and he is usually here working on client projects and while Teresa has a real office she does a lot of her work from her home office. So you can see that there are adults in attendance just about every day, all day.

But there are times when we are all out on appointments leaving Mom alone. For these times she sometimes wears one of those personal alarm systems that dials into 911 services. I say she wears it sometimes because… well did I mention she is 88? Also Mom wants the front door locked when we are gone and will not answer the door if someone rings the bell.

Here is another concern. I was with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and have seen what the Fire Department has to do when they need to gain entry to a senior’s home. Not pretty. Usually there is a security door which is quickly pried open using a Halligan. This process will render that door useless. Then comes the entry door which can be an ornately carved solid wood beauty. A sledge hammer against the lock set is a quick remedy but this will rip out casing, drywall and do a lot of damage to the door and lock set. So this entry just cost the homeowner close to $2,000.

Does all this sound a little over the top? Well maybe, but what would you have them do if your mother was laying on the floor screaming in pain?

So that this the problem and here is the solution I came up with. I am sure it is not a secret but hopefully it will help.

I know you have all seen those lock boxes that Realtors use so home buyers and their agents can gain access to a house that is for sale. I bought this one on Amazon but I am sure they are available most everywhere.

They are simple in their design and use a four digit combination to gain access to the key box. Releasing the curved yoke is possible once the box is open. Once you have access to the inside of the box all you have to do is to set your code and find a location to place the box.

Our front door has a handle that is connected to the door in two places so that is the location I chose but if your door has some other configuration or you just don’t the box seen from the street there is another location. Find an exterior hose bib, gas meter or incoming water line that is close to the front of the house and secure your box there.

I then called my local police department (don’t call 911!) and told them that I wanted to register the location of the lock box and the combo with their emergency services. I was told that I needed to call a special Fire Department number, which I did and so now the problem is solved.

Anytime a call comes into the 911 system from my address the location of the lock box and the combination appears on the dispatcher’s screen. The dispatcher will then transmit that information to the responding emergency personnel. This will save me the $2000 repair costs for the front door. For us this works for short periods of time, if we were to be gone for more then a day then we would have a caregiver come in for several hours a day to make sure that all is well and prepare meals for Mom.

One more thing is that I taped the code to the box on the inside of the front door. At the time I am sure I had a good reason why I did this but cannot recall what it was. Oh well if I forget the number I will know where to find it… if I can remember where I put it. LOL

Please leave me a comment below and let me know if this works or what solution you have come up with.

Get Professional Website Design Services at the Most Affordable Prices

In this world of showbiz and beauty, the market value of any product depends on the appearance of that product or object. The glamour and brand value attached to an object always reflects on the face of the consumer or the user and governs the laws of the market. The apparent development in technology has made it compulsory to advertise your product beautifully so that it reaches the heart of the audience and becomes the part and parcel of their daily lives.

The entertainment industry today has completely jeopardized the advertisement world and due to the wide accessibility of the entertainment world, the add world constantly follows its terms and conditions and work under it is constrains in order to enhance their productivity. It would not be wrong to rate them as two sides of the same coin.

The market and the advertisement world often incorporates many practices to reach to the common man and market their product so well that it becomes an absolutely necessary commodity included in their next monthly budget. In order to cover that white space on the label of the product it becomes imperative to add something in visual which adds to the face value of the product. That is where comes in the role of graphic designers, who with the help of visuals create the brand value of your product beautifully covering those white spaces.

Various metropolises today invite many graphic designers today who have a keen sense for aesthetics and cater well to a client’s satisfaction. Graphic design Tucson and various other metropolises advertisement firms hire trained well established professionals who strictly work on the demands of the clients and leave no stone unturned to increase the client confidence and faith in their output and their agency.

The Tucson, Arizona graphic design industry is progressing by leaps and bounds where various agencies work strictly following the SLA of the client and offer fabulous results to them. The Top Ten Design Firms by Inside Tucson Business includes some of the leading names which have many local and international designs and advertisement awards in their hats. Graphic design is the need of the hour. Be it a road sign board on the side lanes or national highway or for that matter the reference manual or any school text book, every text or theory today needs the visual mode for better understanding and wider acceptance.

Settling On The Right Company For Property Management Services

Nowadays quite a few people are opting for property management services. This common trend has picked up because there are a whole lot of responsibilities that come with a property, whether residential or commercial. A building that is used for commercial purposes will have more issues than a residential one, therefore you need to make sure that the company you hire to manage the premises is up to the mark.

The World Wide Web is a great place to start looking for a property management company. A simple search will throw up a long list of options for you to choose from and you just need to know what to look out for on a particular company website. If you already have the name of a company in mind then you can go directly to their web address and find out all you need to know.

The main reason why many people use the Internet for such a search is the speed at which you can find a reliable company. Moreover, you can do all this from the comfort of your home or office. For a business person looking for such a company, the virtual world is the right place to be.

While perusing through the official website of a company there is one important thing that you need to be aware of – information. A site that has a lot of useful info for its visitors speaks volumes about the company that owns it. If you learn a lot on the site then you will surely be satisfied with the services the company provides as well.

Steer clear of companies that are vague about their property management services. They might not have much to offer you and you could end up paying for something totally useless. If there is absolutely nothing of any interest on the site then you need to close the tab and start looking for a better option. A little time and patience will help you find the right choice.

Companies that offer property management services are many but good ones are few. You need to be very careful while sifting through the available options so that you don’t land up with a below par one. Asking family and friends for advice is another great idea. They will surely know of a few reliable names in the realty management business. Choose wisely and you could benefit a lot.

One Way Satellite Internet Service Eliminates Rain Fade

There are numerous advantages to living out in the country, home offices, less traffic and open spaces. One of the biggest disadvantage is the lack of availability of DSL or cable Internet service. So basically we have two choices, stay with dial up or satellite Internet service. Not all satellite access is the same. Unless you live in southern California, Arizona or areas that do not receive much cloud cover or rain, the differences of the satellite systems can be huge!

Satellites are used to send information down to us. They are used for GPS, television and satellite Internet service. Some satellites share their capacity with other services to help offset the millions of dollars that they cost to launch and implement.

The biggest difference for Internet access is between two way or one way Internet systems. Two way satellite service utilizes a satellite dish to both send and receive information back and forth. One way satellite Internet service uses your phone line to transmit your page request to the World Wide Web and the satellite to send packets of information down to you.

Two way satellite systems boast that they do not “tie up your phone line”. While this is true, that is also one of the biggest disadvantages that two way system have. If you live in rural America where it rarely rains or receives much cloud cover, then go with a two way system. If not, a One way option is your best bet.

Satellites where sent into orbit for one purpose, to send information to us. For Internet purposes, the world wide web does not reside in space on a satellite, it’s here. With two way service, we are asking the mounted satellite dish, to send page requests to the satellite. Do we really believe that the satellite dish that is mounted on our home or business is close to being as powerful as the satellite is? Of course not! This is a major downfall that two way satellite service has. The lack of strength to transmit back through clouds or rain is called “rain fade”. If it it cloudy or especially if it is raining, you have a high probability of losing the ability to even be on the Internet!

One way satellite service solves the issue of rain fade. Using your existing phone modem sends your page request to the World Wide Web directly. The packets of information are then sent down lightening fast via the satellite to your dish. This provides a stable and reliable high speed Internet service. This uses the satellites strength as it was intended.

One way satellite Internet access will provide you the speed and reliability that you are looking for to complement the benefits of living out in the country. Can your home or business really afford to take the chance to be down without Internet service? Give satellite Internet service a try, you will be glad that you did!

Enjoy high speed satellite Internet access [http://www.satellite4internet.com] that way it was intended to be, fast, reliable and affordable. Skyway’s One way satellite Internet access [http://www.satellite4internet.com] is available to rural America for as low as $29.95/month.

How to Increase Local Web Presence in 3 Easy Steps

Increasing your local web presence should be a top priority right now for local business owners. Why? Because 82% of searchers now use search engines instead of the Yellow Pages. Times are changing. Getting listed in the Yellow Pages or buying a big ad spot no longer works. You need to show up on the top of the search engines.

So, how can you do that? In this article I am going to share three basic steps you can use to increase your local web presence for your business.

Tip #1. Create a Website for Your Business

Creating a website for your local business can be one of the most important things that you do. Search engines are extremely smart, and they will associate your website with your business address and business name. For example, if you own “Joe’s Auto Repair Shop”, you could build a site all around your business. The kinds of services you offer, your hours, specials, etc.

The search engines will be smart enough to realize that when someone types in something like “Joe’s Auto Repair coupons” or “Joe’s Auto Repair hours”, they are probably looking for your business.

And on top of that, Google is now able to recognize your geographic location that you are searching from. So if Joe’s auto repair shop was in Phoenix, AZ, and the searcher was searching from Phoenix, AZ, Google would match that searcher up with your business.

Tip #2. Place Keywords Within Your Website

Think about what people would be typing in when trying to find your business. Let’s go back to the auto repair shop example. If your target area is Phoenix, Arizona, then you could safely assume that most people would be typing in things like “phoenix az auto repair” or “auto repair shops in phoenix”, and so on.

Be sure to place those keyword phrases throughout your website and you will reap the benefits.

Tip #3. Get Backlinks and Local Citations

It’s extremely important that you get links back to your website and get listed on as many local directories as possible. Getting backlinks and getting listed in local directories is not too difficult, but it does take some time.

You can get backlinks by posting a link back to your site on a different site. For example, let’s say you take part in a forum or message board. Do they allow you to post links? If they do, find a way where you can link back to your site! That counts as a backlink.

To get listed in local directories, there are sites out there like Kudzu, MerchantCircle, Yelp, SuperPages, etc. These will all allow you to submit your business name, address, phone number, and website.

These backlinks and local citations on directories will really boost you up in the search engines and really increase your local web presence.

Andrew Polanski is the owner of Top Speed Marketing, a local search engine marketing firm specializing in web design, web development, search engine optimization (SEO), local web marketing, and more.