The Advantages of a UK Web Host

Your company is doing well and you have noted an increasing number of orders from European clients. You’ve noticed, however, that the interest shown in your products does not match the number of actual orders being placed.

Your marketing people have a recommendation: invest in an additional web-hosting service, preferably one based in Europe, and you ask them: why, why in Europe and which one?

Proximity to Customers Remains Key

No matter how marvelous the internet is, bear in mind that it remains bound by physical and technical limitations, chief of them being that distance and volume.

A US company with a European customer base will have to contend with the fact that its customers will need to connect to a US-based server to gather information or make a transaction. Despite advances in communications technology, the distance involved remains a factor, there is a built-in delay in communicating between a user’s computer in Berlin and the server in Arizona.

The delay would also be aggravated by the volume of traffic between the two points. It doesn’t matter if US and Europe are on different time zones. What matters is the number of European web users trying to access US servers at the same time. The volume of traffic will result in delays when linking up with target websites. This delay could be enough to turn a potential customer off..

There is also the reality of unforeseen natural catastrophes, a fact underscored recently when an undersea earthquake off Taiwan disrupted internet communications in several Asian countries (Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines among them) lasting from hours to days. You can imagine the chaos that would result if the same thing had happened to the communications links between Europe and the United States, no matter if the disruption lasts for only a few hours, it would still constitute a major loss of income.

Bottom line: it would be best if you have a web server hosting a mirror site for your webpage that is closer to your customers, which means a web hosting service in the United Kingdom or in continental Europe itself.

UK Hosting vs. European Hosting

Having answered the first two issues, you now turn to the final one, which Web hosting service should you use: one that is based in Britain or one operating from somewhere in Europe? There is one subtle difference between these two which gives UK Hosting a decided advantage: support.

European web hosting services have made a practice of offering low price for storage and bandwidth, but charge extra for support calls. This may not seem to be a major issue. However, if something does happen, you would have to consider two problems with a European-based web host: one, the higher fees charged for support calls and two, the language barrier.

Bear in mind that Europe is a multinational community. A support call to a European-based web host may result in you having to discuss a problem with technical support personnel with a less-than-fluent grasp of the English language.

This would not be a problem if you’re dealing with a UK-based web hosting provider, you and the host’s technical support would be speaking the same language and whatever differences there may be would be subtle.

One Way Satellite Internet Service Eliminates Rain Fade

There are numerous advantages to living out in the country, home offices, less traffic and open spaces. One of the biggest disadvantage is the lack of availability of DSL or cable Internet service. So basically we have two choices, stay with dial up or satellite Internet service. Not all satellite access is the same. Unless you live in southern California, Arizona or areas that do not receive much cloud cover or rain, the differences of the satellite systems can be huge!

Satellites are used to send information down to us. They are used for GPS, television and satellite Internet service. Some satellites share their capacity with other services to help offset the millions of dollars that they cost to launch and implement.

The biggest difference for Internet access is between two way or one way Internet systems. Two way satellite service utilizes a satellite dish to both send and receive information back and forth. One way satellite Internet service uses your phone line to transmit your page request to the World Wide Web and the satellite to send packets of information down to you.

Two way satellite systems boast that they do not “tie up your phone line”. While this is true, that is also one of the biggest disadvantages that two way system have. If you live in rural America where it rarely rains or receives much cloud cover, then go with a two way system. If not, a One way option is your best bet.

Satellites where sent into orbit for one purpose, to send information to us. For Internet purposes, the world wide web does not reside in space on a satellite, it’s here. With two way service, we are asking the mounted satellite dish, to send page requests to the satellite. Do we really believe that the satellite dish that is mounted on our home or business is close to being as powerful as the satellite is? Of course not! This is a major downfall that two way satellite service has. The lack of strength to transmit back through clouds or rain is called “rain fade”. If it it cloudy or especially if it is raining, you have a high probability of losing the ability to even be on the Internet!

One way satellite service solves the issue of rain fade. Using your existing phone modem sends your page request to the World Wide Web directly. The packets of information are then sent down lightening fast via the satellite to your dish. This provides a stable and reliable high speed Internet service. This uses the satellites strength as it was intended.

One way satellite Internet access will provide you the speed and reliability that you are looking for to complement the benefits of living out in the country. Can your home or business really afford to take the chance to be down without Internet service? Give satellite Internet service a try, you will be glad that you did!

How to Increase Local Web Presence in 3 Easy Steps

Increasing your local web presence should be a top priority right now for local business owners. Why? Because 82% of searchers now use search engines instead of the Yellow Pages. Times are changing. Getting listed in the Yellow Pages or buying a big ad spot no longer works. You need to show up on the top of the search engines.

So, how can you do that? In this article I am going to share three basic steps you can use to increase your local web presence for your business.

Tip #1. Create a Website for Your Business

Creating a website for your local business can be one of the most important things that you do. Search engines are extremely smart, and they will associate your website with your business address and business name. For example, if you own “Joe’s Auto Repair Shop”, you could build a site all around your business. The kinds of services you offer, your hours, specials, etc.

The search engines will be smart enough to realize that when someone types in something like “Joe’s Auto Repair coupons” or “Joe’s Auto Repair hours”, they are probably looking for your business.

And on top of that, Google is now able to recognize your geographic location that you are searching from. So if Joe’s auto repair shop was in Phoenix, AZ, and the searcher was searching from Phoenix, AZ, Google would match that searcher up with your business.

Tip #2. Place Keywords Within Your Website

Think about what people would be typing in when trying to find your business. Let’s go back to the auto repair shop example. If your target area is Phoenix, Arizona, then you could safely assume that most people would be typing in things like “phoenix az auto repair” or “auto repair shops in phoenix”, and so on.

Be sure to place those keyword phrases throughout your website and you will reap the benefits.

Tip #3. Get Backlinks and Local Citations

It’s extremely important that you get links back to your website and get listed on as many local directories as possible. Getting backlinks and getting listed in local directories is not too difficult, but it does take some time.

You can get backlinks by posting a link back to your site on a different site. For example, let’s say you take part in a forum or message board. Do they allow you to post links? If they do, find a way where you can link back to your site! That counts as a backlink.

To get listed in local directories, there are sites out there like Kudzu, MerchantCircle, Yelp, SuperPages, etc. These will all allow you to submit your business name, address, phone number, and website.

These backlinks and local citations on directories will really boost you up in the search engines and really increase your local web presence.

South Bend on the Web’s Hottest House Sites

With the advent of Web 2.0, many real estate Web-sites are offering new services and new hype. Though well-funded national Web-sites can offer staggering technical services, much of real estate remains local and beyond their ken. Additionally, South Bend is a secondary market, so many services aren’t active in our area. Below is a look at four of the best new real estate Web-sites and their performance in South Bend. The sites are often entertaining and useful, but they lack the local knowledge and human touch real estate often requires.


Experience: Zillow offers a map based search of homes, allowing you to learn Zillow’s estimated value of each property. While the idea of easy access to every homes value is compelling, these estimates reportedly vary wildly. Phoenix based Greg Swann recently wrote a lengthy article about the inaccuracy of their “Zestimates.” Regardless of their accuracy, Zillow has NO data on South Bend homes.

Analysis: A great technical format with a possibly flawed premise. Estimated home values created sight unseen or by a formula should not be considered authoritative. You can check the assessed tax value of your South Bend home to see another often innacurate formula-based valuation.

Experience: This is the most established player, run by the National Association of Realtors. A quick search returned 1,644 properties for sale in South Bend. Their “request a showing” button summons a form for you to enter your contact information, which will be sent to a Realtor as a “lead.” Searching for a realtor in South Bend returns seven pages of Realtor mug shots and Web-site links with little to differentiate them.

Analysis: An ad-heavy but functional way to view properties in the area, but a poor way to choose a Realtor.


Experience: This is a limited service online brokerage with the motto “we refund 2/3 of your commission.” It’s an interesting addition to brokerage options where it is available, currently only in San Francisco and Seattle (not in South Bend). It is also for those who are already VERY comfortable with buying and selling homes. If successful it will eventually reach Indiana.

Analysis: The search is akin to with a limited scope but better technology. You use a map and search for active listings based on your criteria. After you find a property the difference is stark. Redfin offers only on-line and phone support. This is as close as you can currently come to buying a home on the Web. Don’t expect much guidance or much of a personal touch.

Craig’s List

Experience: This is the local version of the popular, text-based on-line classified. It’s worth scanning for hidden gems, but contains many ads which are not for South Bend real estate, e.g. “great leads for Realtors” and “Invest or Retire in Arizona.”
Analysis: Craig’s List->South Bend->Real Estate has its place, but is better for apartments and rentals than for residential homes.

Selecting a Web Designer

And that means you need an online site, or want to redesign your overall site. It’s time to lease a Freelance web designer. But you will find so a considerable amount of designers and also design firms in existence, how would you choose the right one?

Technically, Web makers do simply that–design internet websites. Many people utilize term generically, however, to mean somebody, or a company, who handles the information design, artwork design, and programming for any website. They could even bring about the marketing. In our own case, we’ll workout on the term Wp site designer to necessarily mean someone who are able to do every one of the above, since developing a robust Website means above just your pretty doorway.

Know the thing you need

Before people even begin conversing with Web creative designers, you want to do your assignments. Whether an individual currently possess a website as well as are launching a brand new one, you need to determine exactly what you long for the a way to do. Among the particular questions you should ask yourself:

Who is the best audience plus what action would you like them to take? Sign up to your newsletter? Select ads? Shop in your store?
Is one web-site enough, or are you wanting more compared to one (for case in point, an informational internet site feeding into a store)?
What size of website are you wanting?
What ‘s your budget, and the way flexible do you find it?
The sizing and type of website you will need relies on the solutions to these types of questions. As an example, if you run, a tiny local internet business, such for a dry cleanup business, a straightforward website which lists get in touch with information, working hours, services, plus directions could suffice. Will possibly not even need to hire a designer. Many Web hosting service firms present free site-building software which is easy enough make use of to make a simple site.

If you require an intricate site with many pages, or with classy e-commerce functionality, you’ll need to consider a huge, full-service Website design firm, which usually employs (or provides standing legal agreements with) several Web-designers, programmers, optimization experts, and so forth.

The average organization website falls somewhere between the two which enable it to probably end up being handled with a small Website development shop. One- or perhaps two-person retailers generally charge under larger corporations; however, they also generally take longer to do the undertaking.

Look to get recommendations

Once you have sorted out the thing you need your how does someone do, and use a sense as to which firm or individual you’ll want to target, you’ll want to begin your current search. Here are a few ways you can begin your look for.

Ask other small enterprise owners to get recommendations

Find websites with your industry that you want and noting the form credit at the bottom of this page. Follow the connect to the designer’s web-site and look at his, her or even the company’s portfolio to find out if the actual style plus experience illustrated over the internet meshes using your own site vision.

Visit industry-related forums like, or maybe, and get forum affiliates for recommendations.

When searching keep in mind that geography doesn’t count significantly in Website design. V3 Graphics is often a Chicago community designer to deliver Web progression and consulting towards SMB market place has people in spots as assorted as Birmingham, Arizona, and also Massachusetts. Together with e-mail and fast high speed file move, it creates little difference should the designer is just about the corner or all over the world. Of training, you could possibly feel convenient with a new local Web designer, but it need to be the grade of the Wp website designer and not the positioning that’s the deciding element.

Consider this long-term

Qualifing for the site up is easy compared along with maintaining, posting, and internet marketing it. Greatest mistakes many small establishments make is usually to view their own websites since onetime projects isolated through the rest in their marketing work, says Virginia Van Vynckt associated with V3 Layouts. “They acquire really fixated upon colors, what they want the site trend like, chances are they’ll put it up along with basically just ignore it. Competition on the internet is callous; you need to constantly fine-tune your own marketing and keep the site up-to-date. ”

Considering your site an continuing project could influence the sort of Web design firm you decide on. Ask for any detailed proposal in the Web custom made that spells released short-term plus long-term requirements your blog post will have got. Among the home the proposal would need to spell available:

Who is accountable for what (For case in point, are everyone supplying many of the images or even will this designer supply some? )
What, precisely, is covered with the estimate (number of Web sites, migration regarding copy coming from current site for those who have an existing one, so on)
Whenever and the way payment can be expected
Where coursesmart is to be hosted
Quantity of design improvements included
Deadlines pertaining to various tasks in the project
What transpires if possibly party doesn’t meet the contract?

Once you might have lined up a number of prospects, are generally armed along with questions, including a clear realizing go what exactly your task requires, you’re wanting to get quotations. Many Web-site designers don’t charge to the initial consultation and suggestion; others do. Be certain to ask. And get at minimum two, and preferably three to four, estimates before you decide to choose. Thorough shopping however will uncover an online designer which could meet your current business’s wants and assist you establish a website that pays off off.

Multiple Listing Service

The Multiple Listing Service is first and foremost a list of virtually all properties for sale in a particular area. It is also an offer of compensation between brokers. Basically this consists of listing brokers telling other brokers, “You bring me a buyer and I will pay you a portion of the total commission.” It spells out the exact amount, many times either two and one half or three percent of the gross sales price. The Multiple Listing Service is also the listing data source for numerous Internet websites such as, local newspaper sites, or other broker websites. While browsers cannot view full detailed information on the listings, they can at least obtain a snapshot. Being the main source for property information across the Web has made the Multiple Listing Service that much more powerful in the information age.

It is important to note that Multiple Listing Services generally have a geographic monopoly on a particular area. For instance, the SoCal MLS is ‘the’ MLS for Orange County, California. The Northwest MLS is the only MLS that a property in the Seattle, Washington area needs to be listed in. The Tucson Association of Realtors MLS is the place listing agents, buyers agents, sellers, and buyers turn to in Tucson, Arizona. Across the country there are over 700 Multiple Listing Services. Occasionally there is consolidation between smaller MLS’s, but many small Realtor associations continue to be associated with one equally small MLS with no intentions of expanding or consolidating. These local associations like having control over the way data is entered and presented in their MLS, they like not answering to a separate organization in a larger city, and they like having their own lockbox system. Frankly, they may also like that a Realtor in, for instance, a large city like Phoenix cannot drive 90 miles to Payson, Arizona, and list, show, and sell properties just like a local agent (without joining the local Central Arizona Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service).

The offer of compensation between brokers is a fundamental aspect of the Multiple Listing Service. Unlike showing For Sale By Owner properties whereby a broker would need to negotiate with each individual homeowner a compensation agreement, in the case of MLS-listed properties, a broker can show numerous properties knowing exactly in advance how much compensation is being offered. This is extremely comforting and time-saving to the broker. Since brokers representing buyers sometimes have the buyer sign a buyer’s agency agreement guaranteeing that broker a minimum commission (such as three percent), they can also know in advance what amount, if any, the buyer will need to come out of pocket with prior to viewing a property. If the compensation offered required the buyer to come up, for instance, ten thousand dollars extra on top of the sales price, the buyer may elect to pass over the property in favor of ones which required no extra money be paid. Thus offering competitive compensation to other brokers can enable additional showings.

Retrieve Public Divorce Records Through The Web

There’s essence in carrying out a search for Arizona Divorce Records these days. Generally, this information enables you to easily check the current marital status of someone. Hence, it is of much importance especially to those who are still dating, entering into a relationship, or planning to get married.

In this state, this document is maintained in the county where the couple was divorced. Anyone who wants to get hold of this account is required to submit a copy of his valid, government issued photo ID. A list of acceptable forms of identification includes a state issued driver’s license with a photograph, a state issued picture identification, a valid passport, and a federal ID. Normally, a small admin fee is also necessary prior to the release of the result.

Based on statistics, a large number of couples are getting separated nowadays. Yes, that means that only a few have managed to keep their wedding vows for a lifetime. No wonder files for divorces that are stored in various state archives now reach up to over thousands and even millions already.

It pays to search for this document now for quite a number of good reasons. For one, it reveals all pertinent facts that you need to verify the personal background of someone. Having that said, you don’t need to hire a private investigator anymore since you can now do the job by yourself already. Moreover, this account is also useful in genealogy. Various employers can also utilize it in conducting an employment screening. An adopted child who’s looking for his biological parents can also take advantage of this account.

There are several ways to obtain this public file. Traditionally, people turn to various government offices to request for a copy of it. This method usually entails a long list of requirements and procedures to comply with. Not to mention, the small admin fee that it requires. Still another issue that comes with this method is its long waiting time period. Most commonly, it takes several days to even weeks before you’ll get the desired report.

Currently, the best way of gathering Public Divorce Records is through the Internet. Basically, there are two types of services online now-free and paid. Government-owned sites offer this information for no cost at all. Aside from them, numerous private record providers also abound over the Internet. Nevertheless, for the best and the most immediate report, paying for the service online is worth every penny and even more.

Conducting Genealogy Research – Arizona Family History and Genealogy Research Tools

Are you ready to conduct Arizona genealogy research? Congratulations. Not only can you find newly discovered family history; but if you are as fortunate as I was, you may discover new family members with whom to share your newly found information.

In 2009, my mother asked me to conduct genealogy research on her ancestral line. With no formal genealogy training, but substantial legal research training and experience, I began collecting data. Initially, I had just a couple dozen names to begin with. Less than two years later, there are over 1,700 names spanning over ten generations in our family tree. Not only did I (with the help of new found family members) discover the names of our maternal ancestors; but copies of photos, newspaper articles, and more where gathered and now fill three volumes of books on our Arizona family history.

I want you to be successful in your own research too. Based on my experience, here are a few of the top free web resources for you to conduct your own online Arizona family history and genealogy research:


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints maintains one of the most extensive genealogy resources available. But, before you start your research, you need to have a way to organize the information you will undoubtedly collect. A free family history and genealogy program called PAF or Personal Ancestral File is available through the church’s website. They offer free online genealogy research classes as well. The classes include downloadable video and documents. In addition, maps and guides are also available for your use.

When it comes to census records, the LDS Family History Library is one of the premiere genealogy and family history resources. All available U.S. census schedules have been scanned onto microfilm, and are in a searchable database at the church’s official website. Church members are also encouraged to conduct their own family history and genealogy research, and share it with the general public by contributing to the library. As a result, the information you can find through this resource is extensive.

2. Federal Census Records

According to the United States Census website, “information collected in the Decennial Census of Population and Housing on individuals does not become available to the public until after 72 years.” Although census records are a source of genealogy information, the U.S. Census restricts the due to confidentiality concerns. Nevertheless, there are plenty of other resources which can help.

Before Arizona became a state on February 14, 1912, Territorial Censuses were conducted. Most are available online for free through’s website. Records include: 1831 Santa Cruz County Territorial Census; “1862 Territorial Census Index; 1864 Territorial Census Index; 1866 Territorial Census Index; 1867 Territorial Census Index; 1870 Federal Census Index; [and] 1880 Federal Census Index.”

To conduct the free search at Ancestry’s website, enter in the person’s name that you are searching for along with any other identifying data that you know about them. Hit the search button and then a list of items will return. The most relevant items are listed by the number of stars highlighted next to the information located. Hover your mouse over the “View Record” link located just left of the researched person’s name and you can see historical census information: Name, State, County and Year. To view the underlying source of information you can apply for a free 14-trial offer (no endorsement is intended). If you do decide to pay for a subscription to the service, there are many other resources such as newspaper articles, city and business directories, immigration records, naturalization records, military records, and more.

All U.S. Indian Census Schedules from 1885-1940 are also available from Ancestry’s website with limited view. Another source for the 1870 Arizona Territory Census is the USGenWeb Census Project. As mentioned above, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint’s library is also a great census resource.

Locate, Document, Check, Repeat

Remember, any information obtained is only as good as the underlying source. If you come across conflicting information, keep searching for new data to support your premise that one source is more reliable or authoritative than another. Of course, don’t forget that you can always tap the knowledge of any of the elder living family members in your family. Often, many of the memorable or unique family history stories or anecdotes can only be found within the resources of someone’s memory. Talk to your elders. They may give you a delightful surprise, or two.

May your search be as rewarding as it will be fun! Good luck.

Arizona Golf Clubs

Not everyone can afford to or would even like to own a home in an Arizona golfing community. If you want to be a part of the Arizona golfing scene without being a resident then become a member of a golf club. There are several of them in Arizona and offer varied facilities at varied rates. A Web search could bring you an exhaustive listing of various golf clubs, their rules and regulations, facilities offered and several other details.

Being a club member will entitle you to a stay on the premises, choice of tee times and use of all other facilities. Most clubs will have on their premises shops where you can outfit yourself for the sport, and get equipment and accessories. Lounges, restaurants, bars, locker rooms, shoe services, shower and changing areas are a few facilities offered to members. Training facilities can also be availed, rates vary and $75 an hour could well be the average price.

Golf is an expensive sport. The equipment needed to play a decent round of golf is also pretty expensive. What do you do if you are not the proud owner of a set of golf clubs? You can rent golf clubs and use them for the duration of your stay. Your club will take care of the formalities.

Time share is also a concept that has gained popularity in Arizona. Just as for any other holiday resort, time shares in club memberships can be utilised by friends and families.

Camelback Course, Kierland Golf Club, Occotilo Golf Resort, Talking Stick Golf Club, Troon North Golf Club are a few of the popular ones. Most of the elite clubs prescribe a dress code and members are expected to adhere to it. Nowhere else in the world can one access so many championship quality greens. The ambience at these clubs promises enriching golfing experiences that will last a lifetime. If you are teeing at Kierland Golf Club in Scottsdale, you will be treated to air conditioned carts and an Irish bagpiper in the background. After all what’s a vacation for if not for having fun?

Importance of Page Rank to a Web Site

Page rank is described as a link analysis algorithm, named after Larry Page. It is an instrument used by Google Internet search engine that assigns numerical weighing to each element of a hyper linked set of documents such as the world wide web. The use of it is to gauge its relative relevance within the set.

Google’s algorithm may be applied to any collection of entities with reciprocal references. Page rank is a signature of Google and the Page rank method has been patented.

After creating your corporate web site design, you must be able to put your page into the Google’s search engine. And how can you do that? Here are some of the techniques that you may apply.

Making your page rank higher
1. Your web content – it is the most essential thing that you have to remember. Web content is textual, visual content found as part of the user’s encounter in a website design. Having said that, your web content must clearly explain the products and services that your company is offering.

What should your web content have?

About your company – explanation on what you have done for the past years of your company’s existence.
Products – what products does your company offer?
Services – your company’s way of telling your potential clients on how well you can assist them and what you can do to further build their page rankings.
Contact information – of course, as a part of your professional web site design, you must be able to provide contact details to help your customers or potential customers to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

2. SEO – the most cost-efficient way to put your web site on the Google search engine. It is also known to be the best way to advertise your business. It may involve a lot of steps but as soon as your page gets ranked, your phone will soon be busy ringing and will be getting a lot of inquiries regarding your products and services.

SEO has been made popular by many businesses in the US, most especially for online businesses. How does SEO works?

An SEO company will start to work by giving you potential keywords that is noticeable to the search engines. It should be something that is relevant to your business’ field. For example you are in a Dog training business in, keywords can be dog training or dog training center. This will help you get ranked in the search engine because as soon as an Internet user types in your keywords and your site surfaces on the first page of the search engine, chances are, the user will click on your site.

An SEO specialist will write informative articles for your company and submit it to different websites. In this way you can gather authority pages linking to your site, as an authority site.

Your web site design doesn’t stop after generating it, to be able to get a humongous traffic to your website; you must try to follow these ideas. These ideas have been the best practices of many online business owners and they have never been sorry trying this. Find a web design company that gives packages that will fit your budget, but will surpass your expectation as a customer.